Hearing Aid Prices

Why Go To A Big Box Retailer When You Can Go To A Newport Beach Medical Practice Led By A M.D. Specialist?

We strongly believe that hearing aids have the power to drastically improve the quality of your life. However, not all hearing aids are made equally. Hearing aids from some retailers may seem extremely “cheap” and “affordable, however these hearing aids will not necessarily work optimally or for an extended period of time.  That is why we are proud to offer hearings aids that are high quality AND affordable.

NBHAA Hearing Aid Special: $2195 for Hearing Aids which includes the following services:

-2 M.D./P.A.-C No Charge Visits ($500 value)

-Authorization waiver (no HMO delays)

-Same day hearing aid check and cleaning

-Advanced and newest versions of hearing aids available

-Free replacement aids (conditions may apply)

-Appointment availability within 7 days

-Care Credit/In-House Payment Plan available (no interest)

-Free parking