5 Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

Loss of hearing as we get older is a common problem that affects many Americans, mostly between the ages of 45 and 64. If you find it difficult to keep up with conversations in crowded rooms or have to tune your television to full volume to hear it, you are almost certainly suffering from the beginnings of hearing loss. However, not all hearing loss is age-related and there are steps you can take when you’re younger to prevent losing your hearing at a later date. Here we give you 5 ways to prevent hearing loss:

  • Noise exposure is probably the biggest cause of hearing loss and it’s something that is completely preventable. Listening to anything that’s above 85 decibels can cause long-term damage to your inner ear. Reduce and eliminate your exposure to persistent loud noises.
  • Avoid using headphones with the volume on full when listening to music. Ear buds can be particularly damaging as they are nestled in the inner ear itself. Try and switch to over ear headphones and keep the volume down.
  • If you experience unexpected or sudden ear pain or ringing in your ears, you could be showing symptoms of hearing loss that’s preventable or you could have an ear infection which will muffle sounds and leave you frustrated.
  • Keep away from recreational noise like firecrackers, sporting events, power tools, and firearms. If you have to be an enthusiast at noisy events, take ear plugs to prevent your ears from loud and harmful sounds.
  • There is a significant risk of hearing loss if you work in a noise environment like a factory or you operate heavy machinery. Military personnel, construction workers, and emergency service providers are particularly prone to risk of hearing loss by the nature of their work.

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