Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss

It can be frustrating or even irritating to attempt a conversation with someone who is suffering from hearing loss that they are not dealing with. It’s even more frustrating for the sufferer, however, and a recent survey shows that nearly half of hearing-impaired people over the age of 55 experience difficulties in their relationships due to their untreated hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Affects your Overall Quality of Life
You don’t really think about how much it means to you to be able to hear clearly until you start to suffer from hearing loss. It’s more than a case of not being able to really engage in conversation or enjoy a movie. The effects filter throughout your life and can lead to reduced cognitive function, mental health issues, and a complete sense of isolation.

Many Treatments Are Now Available to Help Hearing Loss
Fortunately, there are now plenty of treatments available for sufferers of hearing loss and around 95% of Americans can restore their hearing with aids, according to the Better Hearing Institute. Hearing aids are useful in filtering incoming sounds to make it easier for the brain to recognize them. By using a hearing aid, you can greatly improve your quality of life and restore your confidence socially.

Seek Professional Help to Make the Right Decision
The most important thing to do when you first experience any deterioration in your hearing is to seek advice from your doctor. If you successfully find the right hearing aid for you, there will be a dramatic improvement in your communication skills as well as your memory, attention, and focus that will go a long way to keeping your brain healthier as you get older.

Let Newport Beach Hearing Aid Associates Help You Hear Better Than Before
Don’t just suffer in silence when you experience hearing loss; contact the professionals here at Newport Beach Hearing Aid Associates and we’ll find the right solution for you. We provide professional hearing evaluations in Newport Beach to determine the extent of your hearing loss and then provide you with the hearing aid that will best improve your quality of life. We can treat your hearing loss at Newport Beach Hearing Aid Associates and so if you’re struggling to hear the TV or constantly asking people to repeat what they said and are in Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, or beyond, the answer to your questions are right here in Newport Beach!

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