Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss comes in many different forms, severities, and levels. There are multiple causes of hearing loss, including diseases, injuries, congenital defects, and more. While there are multiple causes of hearing loss, there are only three main types of hearing loss.

Conductive Hearing Loss occurs when sound is not efficiently making it from the outer ear into the middle ear. This can often be corrected either medically or surgically, but not all cases can be fixed this way. This type of loss is determined when there is a problem with the sound waves effectively making it through the route of the outer ear, through the tympanic membrane, and into the middle ear. An issue at one or all of these points can be characterized as conductive hearing loss.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss occurs when there is damage to the inner ear, specifically the cochlea, or the nerve pathways that connect the brain to the inner ear. This is a case where it more than likely cannot be fixed medically or surgically, and is in most cases, permanent. However, it can be treated to improve hearing and quality of life. It is most effectively treated with hearing aids or assistive devices.

Mixed Hearing Loss occurs when there are multiple damaged points, specifically the outer or middle ear and the inner ear. When there is damage in conjunction with these two sections, this creates mixed hearing loss. Because of the mixture of the two previously listed types of hearing losses, it is a case by case basis in terms of treatment. In some cases, it can be treated with hearing aids or a bone conduction implant. It depends on the severity and true type of the loss, so consult a professional.

Here at Newport Beach Hearing Aid Associates, we can assist with conductive, sensorineural, and mixed hearing loss. We pride ourselves on being able to give our patients the best care possible, and can provide services such as diagnostic hearing evaluations, tinnitus evaluations, otoscopy, hearing instruments and evaluations, assisted listening devices, and much more. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your appointment.

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