Care for Hearing Aid Batteries

All hearing aids are not created equal. Different hearing aid brands offer varying features to meet an individual’s needs and budget.

Even the best hearing aid, however, can be limited by its battery. It’s as important to pay as much attention to your hearing aid’s battery as you do to the hearing aid itself. Here are a few tips to help you better understand your hearing aid batteries:

Make Sure that Your Hearing Aid Batteries are Fresh

Depending on factors like type, use, and size, a hearing aid battery may need to be replaced in as little as three days. It may not be easy to tell if your hearing aid batteries are bad, but there are some warning signs that can help you identify a bad battery.

If the normal volume you are accustomed to with your hearing aids is no longer good enough, it might be time to change your battery. Another sign of a bad hearing aid battery is when normal sounds are not as clear as they used to be.

How to Care for Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Since hearing aids are inside your ears, they can attract moisture. Opening the battery compartment when your hearing aids are not in use helps to keep batteries dry and moisture-free.

Keeping hearing aids out of extreme heat or cold conditions also helps to extend battery life. Another way to make hearing aid batteries last longer is to make sure your hands are clean when touching them. Dust, dirt, and grime can break down hearing aid batteries, causing them to have a shorter life.

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