Do’s and Don’ts of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids are important medical devices. They come in all different types, colors, abilities, and sizes, but all of them have overarching Do’s and Don’ts that will keep your hearing aids working great for a long time. Here is a general list of Do’s and Don’ts for your Hearing Aids.

• ...wear them all the time (except when sleeping)- by wearing them all the time, you are able to adjust to them faster.
• them away from heating vents or direct sunlight- you don’t want them to overheat, so storing them in a cool and dry place is best.
• ...keep them away from all types of water- they don’t do well in water. Keep them away from any type of water exposure, including bath, shower, swimming, and everything in between.
• ...put hearing aids in after your hair and makeup is done- Hairspray and other liquids could get in them and affect their quality.

• ...put hearing aid batteries in the refrigerator- putting your batteries in the refrigerator is a common way people think to store them. However, generally speaking, you should not keep batteries in the refrigerator, including hearing aid batteries.
• ...expose them to direct heat (i.e. blow dryer)- similar to storing them away from heating vents, you don’t want them to overheat!
• ...get frustrated if you don’t adjust to them right away- they will take some time to get used to. Give them (and yourself) time to work. It won’t be perfect from the start, but the adjustment will happen.
• ...try to repair your hearing aids yourself- in a lot of cases, it will void the warranty. Just bring them back to us here at Newport Beach Hearing Aid Associates and we can repair them! We repair all makes, and can do a lot of repairs in office or can send to the manufacturer. Either way, we’ll let you know your options and cost.

Need to get your own hearing aids? The professionals here at Newport Beach Hearing Aid Associates will make it easy! We offer hearing evaluations, all types of devices and products, repairs for devices, and accessories and supplies. We have it all here at Newport Beach Hearing Aid Associates located in Newport Beach, CA. Contact us today to request an appointment!.

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