The Science Behind Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are simple devices that make a world of difference for those who rely on them. The science behind hearing aids is relatively straight forward. Newport Beach Hearing Aid Associates has been serving the Costa Mesa, CA area for years. We’re ready to assist you by evaluating your hearing and finding the best device for you.

How Hearing Aids Work

To boil a hearing aid down to its simplest terms, think of it like a microphone, amplifier, and speaker. When you’re at a concert, the musician sings into a microphone. The microphone captures the energy of the musician’s voice and converts it into an electronic signal. An amplifier magnifies the energy of the signal. The signal is then transmitted to the speakers where the sound is projected loud and clear to the audience. A hearing aid is a miniature version of this process. It captures sound, amplifies it, then projects that sound directly to the ear.

The Science

Sound is created by vibration. Think of striking a tuning fork and watching the ends vibrate back and forth, generating a specific pitch. As the ends of the fork oscillate, the surrounding air is agitated, creating a wave in the air. The wave continues into the ear canal where it excites the ear drum. The tiny bones and hairs in the ear create electrical signals for the brain, which are processed as sound. Over time the delicate parts of the ear suffer damage and are not stimulated as easily. A hearing aid operates like the microphone, amplifier, and speaker described above.

Today’s Hearing Aids

In the past, hearing aids operated in a simple manner. They would receive all the sounds in the present environment, amplify them, and transmit them to the recipient. It got the job done, but had certain limitations. Today’s digital hearing aids can analyze the sound it receives and selectively enhance and amplify the desired noise. This is a great benefit when trying to hold a conversation in a noisy place. The hearing aid will reduce the background noise and amplifying the speech. If you’re interested in learning more about hearing aids near Fountain Valley, CA, Newport Beach Hearing Aid Associates is ready to assist. We can evaluate your needs and set you up with a hearing aid ideal for you. We can also provide hearing aid repairs and adjustments, as well as show you the type of accessories and supplies you will need to keep your hearing aid running in tip-top shape. Contact us today to learn more!

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