ReSound Unite™ TV Streamer

The ReSound Unite™ TV streamer is extremely easy to use:

  • Clear sound send directly to your hearing aids from at least 7 metres away
  • Just push a button to start (either on the hearing aid or on the ReSound UniteTM Remote Control)
  • Watch TV and still take part in conversations
  • Move around while watching TV
  • It reconnects automatically when you leave the room and return within 5 minutes
  • Keep track of other sounds around you
  • Connect your hearing aids to up to three streamers (for example to one TV in the living room, another in the bedroom and to a computer or stereo in the study)


Hearing aids - ReSound Unite™ TV Streamer is compatible with the newest and most advanced hearing aid from ReSound: ReSound Alera

Audio devices - ReSound Unite™ TV streamer is compatible with audio devices that have and RCA, scart or jack adaptor connection. Simply press the pairing button on the TV streamer and open and close the battery doors within 20 seconds, and it automatically pairs with the hearing aids.