Sonic Flip


Subtlety speaks volumes when it comes to style. And Flip helps you look your best by quietly blending in. A miniature Receiver-In-the-Canal device, Flip is already in the category of smaller hearing instruments. But its unique streamlined design makes it the most compact of its kind. Available in four color options to match hair and skin tones, Flip has an understated style you'll love.

Flip comes configured in three technology levels to match your individual hearing needs. Ask your hearing care professional to determine which model is right for you.

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Sonic Touch


A Touch of Brilliance. Inside this tiny instrument is an industry breakthrough in design, sound processing, reliability, and style. No other receiverin-the-canal device is as small—or as robust as Sonic Touch.

A Touch of Beauty. With 5 base colors and 15 interchangeable accent colors, Sonic Touch looks just as great as it sounds. You can personalize your Sonic Touch to suit your style—and suddenly, it's not a hearing aid, but a very practical, hightech accessory.

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Sonic Endura


Endura generates its powerful abilities from the heritage of Sonic Innovations digital technology. Our industryrecognized family of products is changing the way more than 1 million people around the world experience sound. Endura can do it for you, too.

Super Output Not all behind-the-ear (BTE) devices are equal. Unlike some BTEs that focus on just a few peak hearing frequencies, the Endura Super Power BTE delivers exceptional sound, providing amplification across all frequencies.

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Seamless integration of hearing instruments and modern communication devices

Turn Your Hearing Instruments into
A Hands-Free Headset for Mobile Phones

sonicBLU uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly send and receive calls from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. When a call is received, sonicBLU streams the audio from the phone directly into the hearing instruments-no feedback, no interference. If you have two hearing instruments, sonicBLU streams audio to both devices simultaneously, providing greater audibility than ever before.

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